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Hi all!
We are looking for testers of the Arduino-based sensors and actuators included in Paraimpu, our platform for a social Internet of Things.
To browse a bit on it, please read blog (http://paraimpu.blogspot.com/) and watch videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/paraimpu).
At the moment, we developed ready-to-use sketches for Arduino USB and Arduino+Ethernet shield acting either sensors and actuators.
Users can connect Arduino-based things each other or with the other available kinds of sensors/actuators, independently where they are. Eventually, users can share things with other friends having a Paraimpu account.

Anyway too much words ... it's better hacking ;)
More details could be written latter.

So, please fill http://paraimpu.crs4.it/getinvite , wait a little for the account activation and enjoy!

All the best!

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