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Hi All.

Im just starting a new company up manufacturing Show Control Hardware interfaces for the entertainment industry. Due to other commitments my current engineer has let me down.

Interested people should be able to:

1) Design PCBs for manufacturing, including the production of a BOM, and output of gerber files.
2) Design circuits suitable for the application, involving USB hub controllers, Microcontrollers and LED & Button Matrixes, with the possibility of expanding to include LCD screens.
3) Be able to communicate regularly with myself , either in person or through skype or other mediums and meet deadlines (which are flexible to fit around any prior commitments)
4) Be able to write java code & GUI suitable for multiple protocols (specifically Midi, HID, Serial and OSC)

In return I offer:

1) A monetary reward either as part of a regular payment or as a one off fee.
2) The possibility of a regular paying job if the person is local to the company.
3) Cake! (No the cake is not a lie)Nb shipping cake overseas may end up being pan-cake

Our location is Carlisle, Cumbria, UK

Any interested persons should drop an email to myself at duncan (at) blackmagiccontrols.co.uk with a brief resume of their abilities, and previous projects to date. I like photos and videos!.

many thanks


Owner - Black Magic Controls


Rob Tillaart

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Location added. Could have sworn I already put that in! hehe.

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