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rEvo Rebreathers have released a can bus system for their scuba rebreathers.

From what I understand it has 6 separate processors.
1 display/ main control unit ( Shearwater Predator dive computer)
1 battery and control processor
1 inhale lung processor that monitors oxygen sensors
1 exhale lung processor that controls a solenoid that injects oxygen
2  scrubber processor that are hooked up to 4 temperature sensors each.

Now the clever part is that each scrubber processor has no wiring going to them. Some how power is transmitted from the inhale and exhale lung processor/node to the scrubber processor/node and then the data is transmitted back all with out wires. The distance is only a matter of mm's and since its only data from 4 temperature sensors being send I cant imagine it needs to be particularly fast.

So how does it work?

While I understand the principles of induction to transmit AC power can it also be used to transmit data? Or would it more likely be using lower power bluetooth or wifi?

Video about it....


Don't know. Sounds he like says "Power & Data to the x in the temperature sensing boards." at around 2:35.
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