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Awesome project! I've been looking for something like this for ages. Using the CDT to get all the C++ analysis and navigation is fantastic and way better than the other replacements for the official IDE.

I used the pre-packaged version rather than the plugin to an existing eclipse.

I wanted to make a change to the serial monitor - have the option of printing a timestamp before each message like the official IDE can do.

I've forked, cloned, and built according to the instructions in the readme.md file under the heading "Developing (Improving) the Plugin".

I'm stuck after that.

1. I don't understand the instruction "After the build, find the Sloeber SDK product in the io.sloeber.product.sdk target directory. Unzip it somewhere in your home directory (mind you we cannot handle very long path names on windows)"

I found io.sloeber.product.sdk-4.3.3-SNAPSHOT.zip in C:\Users\dajt\Documents\GitHub\arduino-eclipse-plugin\io.sloeber.product.sdk\target -  is that the zip referred to? I unzipped it in C:\Users\dajt\io.sloeber.product.sdk but can't see what this achieves. Am I supposed to bring it into Eclipse somehow?

2. I imported the git repo into eclipse according to the instructions after the above, and installed some JS development nature it wanted. But there are masses of "cannot be resolved" errors in the source code. I assumed the git repo I was meant to import was the one I forked and cloned, but my project list doesn't look like the one in the instructions. I have a bunch of io.sloeber... projects.

io.sloeber.application, io.sloeber.core, io.sloeber.tests, io.sloeber.ui projects all have errors.

Where have I gone wrong?


Thanks for the nice words and thanks for trying to help out.

Basically the SDK project is the development environment single install for Sloeber.
Once you started the SDK you need to import the sloeber code.
A couple of months ago I used this method to get a development environment on Linux and that worked fine.
From the looks of it you did good. Its hard to say where it went wrong without exact error messages.
Best place to discuss is @github.

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I debug it as a plugin and I think the build of SDK is not used for it.
@dajt, did you import subprojects?

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