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This is my first post and I urge all of you who have been looking for a jump start into the world of building MIDI controllers via Arduinoz to check in. It is an on going class that reoccurs every few months. All parts are sold at cost and are included in the enrollment fee.

Please sign up on our email list @ www.robotspeak.com for future posts and other software, synthesis and audio related classes.

The class is right around the corner and will be full soon. Details below--see you then


Instructor Eric Bateman

Next Session: 1 pm

Saturday Dec 3rd (3 hours)

Saturday Dec 10th (2 hours)

Saturday Dec 17th (4 Hours)

Instructor Eric Bateman


Next Session 1 pm Saturday Dec 3rd (3 hours), Saturday Dec 10th (2 hours), Saturday Dec 17th (4 Hours)

Enrollment fee of $315 includes:
• Nine hours of classroom instruction split across three (3) hour long sessions
• (1) Arduino Mega 2560 (a $50 value)
• (8) knobs, (8) buttons, panel mount MIDI connector, resistors and wire (a $15 value)

This class is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to design and build their own MIDI controller. No soldering or programming experience required. Students will learn basic electronic signal flow and simple applications of the Arduino platform, and will leave the class with a custom 8 knob / 8 button MIDI control surface. Students will provide an enclosure of their choice - anything from a cigar box, old radio, toaster, whatever can easily access and fit the internal wiring.

Session 1: Concepts of Design and Construction
• DIY MIDI basic electronics: LEDs, Knobs, Wires, Faders, Buttons, light sensors, etc.
• Choosing (or building) Enclosures: Why and How
• Sourcing Materials: where do I get all these knobs and gadgetry for other projects?
• Tools for drilling and soldering and cutting and tightening and possibly gluing (and some safety).

*** Homework: Ask class attendees to bring an enclosure: box, lamp, old shoes, something meaningful? Fun? Practical? Hopefully something solid in nature (no mad science conductive gel-goop or anything). Wood, Plastic, and other easily modified, non-metal materials will be encouraged.

Session 2: Practical Skills and Applications
• Arduino 101: Digital and Analog connections, basics of firmware
• Mechanical considerations, layout, ergonomics, practical or whimsical
• Class members start to design their controllers. (also homework)
• Start building the guts and cables • Class members can begin drilling/cutting if ready
*** Homework: finish layout design if necessary, students who are able can drill holes or work on enclosure at home.

Session 3: Construction and Quality Control
• Finish building and preparing enclosures
• Finish wiring/mount guts in enclosure
• Load firmware onto Arduino
• Test controllers with various MIDI hardware (computers, synths, lights etc)

This class is held at ROBOTSPEAK at our Haight St location in San Francisco. We are an independent electronic music store specializing Analog synths, Drum Machines, Music Software, Audio interfaces, circuit bent gadgets, related education and more.

Check out our facebook page for Devices that were built in our last class

Contact and Address info:

589 & 1/2 Haight ST @ Steiner
SF CA 94117

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