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So what you are implying is that all the simpler solutions, like the one below, are flawed solutions?

Yes the all have short comings. The link you posted is worst than the LM317 solution. It doesn't address the concerns in reply #8 in any way.

I would have liked to see a version of the above instructable adapted for the tlc5940.

God forbid, that site is pure and utter crap when it comes to electronic circuits, designed by morons for the consumption of idiots in general. That circuit is one of the better ones on the site and it is only so so.

Just think about it, there are simple solutions and complex ones. The reason there are complex solutions is that the simple ones leave something to be desired, designers don't just add a load of components for the hell of it. There are simple looking solutions but that is where those circuit functions of the complex ones have been mopped up into an IC. Like the BCR450, or the LM3407, LM3402, or the modules 3421 Buck Puck or the A6281.

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