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I'm now trying to draw a schematic for my 1st project using Arduino Uno.The Question is, how i can get the library files for Atmega328 chip or any atmega chips....so far, i couldnt find it even at Altium official library site.Or there is the way to make our own libraries? Any help i will appreciated.Thanks.:)


Go for Eagle...

or Proteus..

If a PCB design software hasn´t atmels on its own library, can´t be called PCB design software...


can´t be called PCB design software...

I don't think that could ever apply to Altium :)

It does have Atmel libraries, but it's almost as easy to roll your own. To install libraries pop out the libraries thingy on the right, click "libraries" then "install". You should find all the libraries under the Altium install folder.

You can make your own as well, I make new components every second day, it's quicker than looking for one. But it's so long since I created my library I can't remember how to do it.

All above for 2009, but I assume it's the same.

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