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Hello, I am looking for a PCB implementing the core of an Arduino Duemilanove board.

My requirements are:
1. Through hole PCB.
2. Full layout compatibility: it means the PCB must connect to the shields available on the market.
3. I need just the core functionality: the microcontroller, the crystal, the supply and the I/O. I do not need any form of communication because I will program the microcontroller with an Arduino Duemilanove and then I will deploy it on the PCB.

Any idea matching my requirements?
Thank you.


Good thing you don't need the USB-to-Serial converter.  I don't expect they are easily available in through-hole form.

Have you checked out the Single Sided Serial (v3) Arduino?


You can leave off the serial port parts if you are going to program it through another Arduino.
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The "Freedunio" TH design that used to be sold by NKC (kit currently at Seeed) should qualify; the only SMT part was the FTDI chip.  I don't know if anyone is still selling bare boards, but presumably you could find or request the design files and have them made...

(For that matter, NKC still sells both kits and bare boards for their rs232-based Arduino, which should meet your requirements if you just leave out the serial circuitry.  http://store.nkcelectronics.com/freeduino-serial-v20-p20.html )


Mouser.com carries the bare Serial Arduino board that does what you ask.
I bought 6 of them a while back, just to have if I wanted to make something quick.
dipmicro.com carries all the thru hole parts inexpensively also.
(Not sure about the header pins)
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