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Hello all,

I am sure that this would have come up in any discussion related to GLCDs; however, I just thought this post would be easy to access for someone who is a newbie like myself.

While searching for a faster way to draw lines ( and erase them) on a 240 x 128 GLCD driven by a T6963 controller, I came across this : http://www.edepot.com/algorithm.html (EFLA).

Using the inbuilt functions in this library : http://code.google.com/p/arduino-t6963c/, I was able to achieve just 13 to 14 FPS when running the attached code. However, after 'upgrading' to the EFLA, the FPS bumped up to 23 - 24FPS for drawing and erasing; and about 40 to 41FPS for drawing alone.

Now, I am not sure how to submit a 'feature - request' to the developer of the T6963 library, but I sure hope he sees this.

Thank you,


/* edit :  Had uploaded the wrong code; corrected the mistake. */

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