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Hello, i have a problem with an 328 after loading a new bootloader.
What i have done:
1. i have a mikroelektronika dev board, used it to program the bootloader from version 0022, set the lockbits.
2. inserted the newly written chip into a arduino duemilanove with a ftdi and tried to write the blink sketch.
I get the content mismatch error. With the chip that came preprogramed with the arduino duemilanove it works, with the written chip from me i does not work.

Shouldn't it be open source? Now if i try at home to make a arduino chip for a project i get a error.


found the error, the fuse bits were set wrong. Now i still get a error if i want to write a sketch to the chip via RX and TX. I bought http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9716 and i tight RX to TX from the chip and TX to RX from the chip, DTR to the reset pin. I get a out of sync. If i put the chip in the duemilanove i can write to it.
Any one got an idea?

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