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No, each LDO need the caps on both sides.  They might not end up near where the 0.1uF that you have across Vin and GND, so you always add them.  I'll add VCC3V3 and GND for the LCD.

Hmm. I always thought that since it's a common input, the same cap would stabilize both inputs.


No.  Each LDO behaves different, and you never know where they end up in a design.  Same thing applies for the various VCC pins on an microcontroller, they each need their own cap.

Anyway, check your messages in a second here ...


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I just noticed I forgot to add VCC and GND to the shifter ... doing that now.  The image has been updated.

I forgot to mention this, since the shifter can function with up to 15V, and since I had a 5V trace nearby, that's what I connected it to.  In your original design, you had it connected to a 3V3 line.  If you absolutely need it to run at 3V3, I'll rework it and pull a trace over.

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