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Topic: Someon help me out. Wireless controll caterpillar vehicle. VB program on PC. (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I'm very interesting on the wireless controll vehicle. My plan is to use Arduino on the vehicle, and run VB programed on PC to wireless control the vehicle. I just want to start with the USB to serial APC220 based wireless transmitting & receiver. Can somebody answer me how to encode the wireless realtime control the vehicle & put a kind of sample codes here, and the VB control program. later on I'd like to put more servos and camera on this system. plx help me out. tkx.


First off is it an RC Model Vehicle?
Second is how are you interfacing the controls? if its RC are you hacking the remote or directly accessing the IC?
And as for getting VB to talk to arduino VB has support for sending data over serial and the Arduino can receive over serial (a good google for VB serial control should turn up some code) as for the Arduino serial there's loads of tutorials on here detailing how to get an arduino to listen on serial.

Things to consider are : interface - will it give you the control you require? or are you looking for autonomous control using AI? if so, do you have the research and programming skills to implement this and will the controlled device have sensors to detect its environment etc?

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