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Can anyone tell me what the plug pictured in this photo is? The plug delivers 8V of DC power into a battery eliminator that goes into a Canon 400D DSLR camera. The plug is 10 mm long and measures 2 mm across (outer diameter). I don't have anything fine enough to measure the inner hole, but probably 1.25 mm diameter or so.

The kit comes with 2 battery eliminators, but only one cable/plug, so I'd like to buy a second cable with a similar right angle plug. I searched digi-key, etc. and can't find anything with similar measurements. I was hoping someone might know what this is so I don't have to buy a second kit and waste all the material that I don't need.

Thanks a lot.



in the link you attached, down the photos in the technical specs tab says:

Capacity: Input: 100V-240V. Output: 7.4V 2A
Dimensions: Cable reach approximately 5ft. Tip Size: 3 x .85 x 9mm
Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM compatible!
Type: AC Power Adapter Kit
Quantity: 1 Kit (Includes: 1 AC Adapter & 1 DC Coupler)

try searching for it (3 x .85 x 9mm tip size), hope you find it.

sorry for my english! (not as keen in writing as i should)


Thanks so much for noticing that! I didn't see that tab. Hopefully I can track it down.

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