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Just finished building a quick GE G-35 light project for a friend of mine. The project used 2 sets of GE lights driven by an Arduino with Sparkfun's Spectrum Shield. If you have all the materials on hand when starting I think even a beginner should be able to complete the build in under 4 hours, most of which time will be spent splicing cables.


The Arduino sketch is a continuation of the GE G-35 code built last year by Darco, Scott Harris and others in the DIY Christmas forums along with MSGEQ7 code.  There are 16 different effect "programs" in the sketch, the current effect to play is handled by the eqmode variable the value of which is changed by button presses. It's fairly straightforward, the main loop performs basic operations on each pass and hands off to functions where necessary.

For build information and the full Arduino sketch take a look at my blog post:


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