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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce a new kit that I have been working on for awhile, and is now available for sale.  It is an Arduino compatible GPS navigation kit (all through hole components).  Upload coordinates, turn it on, and the Coobro Geo will help you navigate to any destination on earth by using LEDs to show you the correct direction and distance remaining.  Before you leave on your quest, press and hold the breadcrumbs button and the Coobro Geo will remember your location and help you navigate back.  Store up to five pre-entered destination coordinates and five breadcrumbs, or modify the open source code and store as many coordinates as you want.

Use the Coobro Geo to help you find geocaches, store and navigate between hot fishing spots, complete a scavenger hunt, or simply help you find your car after a hike.

This kit is 100% open source hardware.  We provide the Eagle Cad design files, schematics, and software for your hacking pleasure.

You can buy a Coobro Geo here.

Read about the story of how it was built here.

See how to use the Coobro Geo here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

-Tyler Cooper

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