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We are a small team of developers in Arizona working on a lightweight autopilot for RC planes. The program works with the Mongoose IMU and the Arduino Nano.

You can follow our progress here: http://radarproject.wordpress.com



I have a similar goal.  There is a thread going under Project Guidance.  I'm using the KK board to keep the plane stable.  In the end I will use a barometer and compass along with GPS to get me to my destination.  First step is altitude hold.  I'm testing this with a Quadcopter.  A plane will be much easier when I'm done.


Ah, what is a KK board?

I haven't gotten to the altitude hold yet. I'm just working on (Almost finished) a fly loop which keeps the plane at the desired roll and pitch for the desired amount of time. I haven't figured out the best way to correct altitude with the pitch correction as well. I'll have to think about that very soon.

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