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Topic: Succeded when trying out my new servos :D (Read 692 times) previous topic - next topic


As some of you might know, Im very new to arduino, luckily my dad is a great help :D

But anyways, my servos that I orderd, arrived today (MEGA fast delivery!)
So I added one of the servos to my mechanic gripper, AND IT WORKED!

I am very happy about this :D
One of the claws actually move forward and backwards as the servos turns it! XD

Soon I will add the servo to my plexiglas gripper that I finished making today, then I will post a video on it and the link here for you all to enjoy :D

I got a feeling, this is going to be great! :)


Awesome. Keep up posting about your adventures hey? Your enthusiasm is infectious! (I might need to order some servos ...)

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