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I just got my attiny85 working with this tutorial and this board software. The 1MHz board selection works fine but the 8MHz is extremely laggy, even the PWM is effected. The selection states "internal oscillator" so I don't think that's the problem. It's almost as if it corrects itself for the increase in speed but does not actually increase in speed. I assume something is not being set correctly and I'm so new to this I haven't got any clue. I don't particularly need 8MHz at the moment but I'd like to have this figured out for when the need arises.

I'm also curious as to what BOD means. Thanks!


BOD means Brown Out Detection

I have succesfully used Coding Badly's method to set the fuses on my Attiny 85 to 8Mhz

Select the 8Mhz option as the board, and then use Burn Bootloader (you don't actually burn a bootloader, but6 the fuses will be set correect)


I use the boards and variants from here:

This works great and I have had no issues to date.

- Ray

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