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Mowcius - Can you share some insight on painting/tinting acrylic?

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I have tried it not too long ago with pretty good success. I only tried it with red spray as that was all I had on hand.

Anyway here's my thoughts:
Easy to apply (just spray it on) but if you are a bit hasty or not too practiced at spray painting or there is dust on the surface then with clear acrylic, everything shows up (not a lot but a bit still).
Etching through it works well although when I then tried to cut it out (using 5mm), the paint burnt a bit (would be better on 3mm).
Shining light through it was ok but unless you used quite a few coats of black, it would probably still show through it a bit.

I can see it working for some people for specific projects but I don't think it is a very good solution for a commercial product.



On paint: Thanks - I take it I should cut first, then paint.

Any specific paint - Acrylic based? Is there a need to sand the surface first?


Did you get any cake?

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I've painted acrylic and Lexan.  If you want the best finish, paint the back side/inside.  That will hide the outer surface of the paint inside or behind what you are looking at.  It keeps the gloss of the plastic in front of the color and protects the paint from scratching. It's very easy if you're doing one color and VERY difficult if you're doing multiple colors, stenciling or other details.

If you paint the outside or front surface, the technique is basically the same as painting any other surface.  Make sure dust and oils are removed with the appropriate cleaner.  You don't usually have to sand the surface since the paint will chemically bond to the plastic anyway.  And of course, multiple light coats is better than fewer thicker coats.

Always use paint made for acrylic/plastics or it may blister, crack or peel.


The cake is a lie!

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umm i like them, but one prob... do u have a us store, with american dollars?


As Rob lives in Europe, I'd say no, he probably doesn't have a US store.  But it's pretty easy to get a good estimate by typing the value in GBP into google followed by the text "in USD".

For instance:

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10 GBP in USD

And google will kindly tell you:


As the site is using paypal, it will automatically do the conversion for you. Maybe I should stick the prices up in USD as well.

As the site has been up for a bit now there are quite a few things I may change soon so if there are any other things that you think can be improved then you can tell me with the contact form :)


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