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Hi All...

I noticed some interesting behavior from this beta SD library.

After running bench, the L LED (attached to the SCK line on my board, like an original Uno) remains lit. If I then set the pinMode to output and try to manually turn that led on or off, it just stays on.

Any ideas?

A number of libraries access Serial.  This causes HardwareSerial to be loaded even if you don't call the functions that access Serial.  These libraries can't be used with SerialPort.

All released SD.h and SdFat libraries cause HardwareSerial to be loaded and can't be used with SerialPort.  I will soon release a version of SdFat that does not access HardwareSerial. 

A beta version of this SdFat is in SerialLoggerBeta20120108.zip here http://code.google.com/p/beta-lib/downloads/list.


I was just wondering if there is an update to this beta?


Never mind, this has been traced to a hardware error.


Would you consider a different design?
Or is compatibility with previous API more important than versatility?

I find the monolithic approach to these 'libraries' really restricting.

Just curious.


I find the monolithic approach to these 'libraries' really restricting.

Define the API you want and say why you need it.


Are there optimizations here that we should be incorporating into the default Serial library?  If so, please open a Google Code issue for them so I know to incorporate them.


I have posted an update for this library as SerialPort20130222.zip http://code.google.com/p/rtoslibs/downloads/list.

A fast Serial port to SD logging sketch is included.  This sketch can log Serial data at up to 115200 baud.

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