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I need a PCB prototype made that will contain an arduino and a couple wireless modules, sensors, and a dip switch. It will also require some basic programming to tell the arduino how to react to the sensors based on the dip switch settings. It is fairly simple but I am still really new to arduino and never built a PCB before. I am willing to pay for this project. If anyone is interested please send me a private message and I will reply back with more information.

I might be willing to setting with a working breadboard circuit and schematics if you do not know how to make a PCB.


Or maybe someone can point me in the right direction to a reputable company that can help me build this PCB.


I could etch and drill a PCB for you. Nothing fancy, but it works.

Edited to add: You might have to wait for it. I only do this as a hobby when I have spare time.


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Then you have to first estimate the cost of development for your PCB on local basis then you have to find any good developer here whoes cost comes less than as compared to the local development.

Software development is something that need not need physical delivery of product that can be done by any to whom you can pay via. Paypal
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