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A few months ago I've started a simple project of hacking a cheap rc car to be controlled by computer.

The first idea was just to hack the remote and make the car go, but then I've added a wireless cam and decided to control the car by head movements using openCV.

It's not,yet, fully autonomous due to lack sensors but version 2.0 which will be available soon will have RF telemetry from the car.

The name is .Net RC because all the server side code is in Microsoft C#

The project can be checked in my blog:

Version 1.0 -> http://blog.skundu.net/?p=429 (rc hack + wireless cam)
Version 1.5 -> http://blog.skundu.net/?p=449 (chassi modification + head movement detection)
Version 1.6 -> http://blog.skundu.net/?p=537 (added photosensitive head lights)

Majority of key source code is available, just didn't put full source code because it's not that "clean", but any doubts I'll do my best to help.

Any feedback, comment, constructive critics are very welcome.

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