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Note: I am reposting this in Programming since I believe it might be a code issue.

This was originally posted on the Adafruit forums, where I received the following awnser: "it is not our product, sorry" Unfortunately no members of the community offered help and only the Adafruit support responded.
I originally posted there, since I was using their code and thought it would be the best place to start.
The link:http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=24548

And here is the post:
[Note: I am only concerned with the Topway LM6063AFW (ST7565) LCD - The nokia LCD has been dealt with]


I am delving into graphic LCDs and have three different models that I am working with:

The first is the Nokia 3310 LCD (PCD8544), for a work project - working
Second is a Topway LM6063AFW (ST7565) - issues with displaying data
Thirs is Displaytech 32128A (ST7565) - untested, wire pitch wickedly tiny

First question, with the PCD8544 library, upon startup the Adafruit Logo pops up, since this project will be used by docters, they want their own logo displayed. How do I change this? I think during initialization this is pushed to the buffer, but how do I get my own image in there?
Also, there is a desire for bigger text, is this possible? Any apps that can create code for custom characters?

Second question, I just connected the Topway display and launched the library example and this is what I am seeing:
Could this be a dud?

I found a reference to this issue here:
(Almost at the end there is a heading "xxx, lies and datasheets", where the person explains that the page adresses start at five(4) down to eight(7) and then one(0) to four(3).
Also, the entire display is shifted three pixels to the left and overflows onto the right-hand side. -> Nothing can be deliberately displayed here, but sometimes things crop up and only way to get rid of them in this 3x64px space is to power down lcd completely. Arduino snowflakes sometimes appear here though... but I cannot draw pixels in the space.
Basically, top left pixel is (3,32) -> (x,y),,,

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to do this mapping using the Arduino interface:

Third LCD will work once I uses scavenged connectors to solder wires onto it. I do not want to take chances with the cable burning and the LCD becoming a paperweight. The thing is TINY, Smaller than a Arduino Nano, yet with 128px horizontally. Hope ST7565 library plays nicely with it!

Any help would be appreciated.


My second post (In response to Adafruit support asking to see the wiring):

Hi, I am sorry for the late reply, but my Arduino was being used for another project and could not be spared.

I have reconnected the display, and I am still getting the same results.
The topway LCD has the following pinout:
1: VSS
2: VDD
3: SID
5: A0
6: /RES
7: /CS1
8: VSS for backlight

And I connected it with the appropriate pins to the 4050 and to the LCD.
The requested photo of wiring:

note: My LCD pins are coming from a ribbon cable and I soldered them onto a breakout board for a surfacemount chip. Thus the pins are grouped in twos from left to right: 8 7 | 6 5 | 4 3 | 2 1

The datasheet for the LCD:

I hope this is a wiring issue, although I cannot find the fault, and not a problem with the LCD or driver chip.
The problem I mentioned in the previous post, with the link and c-code fix, is exactly what I am experiencing as shown in the photo.

Any help is much appreciated!!!


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