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I just wanted to "publicly" {and belatedly} Thank designer2k2 here on the forum.  He PM'd me with info about this project.  

It wouldn't work for KAP or KAV, but it still may be useful for ground-based wildlife observation {which is what I wanted it for originally}.  

Thanks again, 2k2.  

-Allan, aka RocKiteman  
N.E. North Carolina, USA  


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Hmm.. interesting, to say the least!  

Among the things I have not yet hooked to the Arduino is the IR camera module from a WII remote, which is supposedly a really nice blob-tracking unit, but needs an external I2C interface and a clock.  Clocks are easy enough (need 25Mhz so software prolly won't do), and the I2C I was going to offload onto my soon-to-arrive TI Launchpad.  I figure that might just be an acceptable use for the little beast, at under five bucks, it'll have earned it's keep if it can support interfacing to that sensor... told ya I could find a better use for a Launchpad than a glue spreader!


Have you tried to attach a cutted foam-nerf-gun-dart to the sensor, this will probably narrow the "vision" a bit (long hollow isolated tube)

just my 50 cents

Kudos for kool project ;)




Very nice. I've often thought of making a thermal camera myself using a similar technique. Well done.

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