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Arduino used to propel roto molding equipment...


Whats a Roto Moulder?
Your video I can't read but what is happening in English if you can please


Nice project !

It's rotational molding or... roto-molding,  you could create your own professionally looking enclosures or other hollow objects with it.


Pretty neat - are you planning on turning it into an actual molding system? If so, what do you plan to mold (plastic? something else?)...
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Last year I created a chess game made of 6 inches soap stones pieces created by artists in my area (Montreal Canada).
I molded them using a special plaster but it ended up being too heavy and too easy to break.
I plan with this new tool to cast them in polyurethan with a hollow inside. Should work.
Here is the picture of the full set made of dryed stone.

First time I add a picture, hopes it works...

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