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Abstract--SMP (Smart Mobile Platform) is an open-source, fully customizable, modular platform for implementing embedded technologies into any system. SMP is designed to allow design modularity and application specific customization. The current developmental platform consists of electric motors, an embedded system, a data fusion module, universal control module, and an array of sensor modules customized for the "Smart Wheelchair" application. Each module has been designed to perform specific tasks, such as, environment monitoring, system monitoring, collision avoidance, GPS location, wireless control, and many other functions. It also features real-time web connectivity for monitoring and data logging.

Key features:

  • Versatile

  • Fully Customizable

  • Modular

  • Plug and Play

  • Open Source

Basically we created a platform that can be used for any application. If we want a surveillance robot all that is needed is to add/remove modules.
For the actual Project, we implemented a "Smart Wheelchair" with a universal controller.
We also implemented a remote controllable rover that can monitor the environment via sensor modules. Additionally we have GPS module to track the location of the platform.

The project was created as our Capstone/Senior Design Project for UNLV.
We competed and won the Grand Prize, beating all groups from all engineering departments.

Project Website: http://bigdinotech.com/smp

Block Diagram:

Head Control Module:
The head controller is designed to control the wheelchair using head movements/tilts.
It contains a 3-axis accelerometer and an atmega328p microcontroller.
It is connected to a universal control module that allows controlling the wheelchair with any method as long as our protocol is followed


More videos and images of implemented modules and features to come...


Sweet job! Loving it. But you've put "Smart Mobile Platform" in the abstract. No biggie.
If it exists, hack it.
If it doesn't, create it.


Sweet job! Loving it. But you've put "Smart Mobile Platform" in the abstract. No biggie.

Original name was Smart Mobile Platform but it was changed to modular because it can be applied to non-mobile platforms/applications.


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You plough through it and then you plough through again and still have no idea what the shit means.



Wireless Control

Main System

Top Left: Embedded System - Panda Board   http://pandaboard.org/
Top Right: Data Fusion Module - Custom
Bottom Left: Custom Power Supply -Custom
Bottom Right: Motor Controller - Sabertooth 2X50HV  http://dimensionengineering.com/Sabertooth2x50HV.htm

Other Implemented Modules

Environmental Module
Measures temperature and humidity

GPS Module
Determines current latitude and longitude

RFID module
Provides Access Control via RFID

More videos and detailed description of each module/system to come...

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