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Looking at the blink without delay example, I see that this is where I would need to change to get a reading from the pot
Code: [Select]

long interval = 1000;

But how, since "interval" can't be used as a function?


interval is a variable it contains a number. When you subtract the time now from the time then, if this exceeds the number stored in interval then you do stuff, if not you don't.
That is what the blink without delay is showing you how to do.


I think at this late juncture it might well be a good idea to bring forth the concept of 'Flow Charting'... or it would truly appear that this 'could' go on forever...
much of the advice seems to be used only when it is inevitable and the responses appear circular in nature... Or did I miss something? Missing anything here would be difficult as the subject has been thoroughly 'Beat to Death'...  IMO... an Old Man one time gave me a great piece of wisdom (although it took many years to see the point) "Plan Your Work and Then Work Your Plan" Experience has proven to me that this approach generally works at least to the extent of the work that went into the plan. Again IMO, Strictly

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Well it is only going round in circles because nyg78 is failing to grasp the concept of blink without delay.
Give him a few more turns round the block and he might get it.

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