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For Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4),
How to use pin PD3 as TX and PD2 as RX?

I can send/receive data through serial monitor but I can not get any signal(output) when I connect pin PD3 and PD2 to oscilloscope.
Tx and Rx LED pins work fine.

Seems like Tx, Rx pins are by default configured as Digital Input/Output. How can I configure them to serve as Rx and Tx pin?
Please advice


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Happy guy playing with Leonardo, real 'official' Leonardo board !!
What's your IDE version ? Is Leonardo in board's menu ?
Dis you try something like Serial1.begin() or Serialsomething.begin() ?
(32u4 is multiserial , so I suggest something like multiserial exemple for Mega, no more)


Thanks al1fch

Its custom made Leonardo Board.
I'm using Arduino 1.0 IDE Here's the code for your reference;

I've tried Serial.begin(115200)
Let me try with Serial1.begin...



Can you share how you sorted this issue - it may help others in the future.
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