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Hi all,

I've got a sound system that uses around 9 watts of standby power which is quite a lot as many would argue. Every time i switch it completely off it loses it's settings for individual volume for all the channels.
To prevent that i thought about finding out where the settings are stored, figuring out the power supply and powering the memory with a battery.

Does anyone think somethin like that would be possible?

I haven't opened it yet so i can't tell what type of chip is used.
The steps i would take are:

-figure out where the main controller is (settings probably stored in RAM)
-get the data sheet for power supply pins
-hook it up to a battery and see what happens


cheers! :)



I think you can identify the main controller on the board, check the datasheet, measure its Vin with a multimeter when the system is in stand-by. If controller is powered so I think it's really a good place to start.
Check other components nearby controller and its datasheets, you may find usefull information for the task you want because theres a chance these settings arent stored there the microcontroller (if any).


yeah i thought that it might be stored in some separate memory which would be better in terms of power consumption. but having separate memory to store around 5 bytes (there's nothing more than 5 volume values to store) would be a waste of components, so we'll see..i'll have to open up that bad boy ^^

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