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Hey I found this cool RC tank controlled by an iphone using an app to move to the tank, which is powered by an Arduino Duemilanove.
Have you tried out any of these stuff? I also think using Arduino with Android would be much easier as Android is open source unlike the iOS.
Here's the link:


Why would you think it is easier to use a program made for an open source os (the core of android isn't open afaik), instead of a program made for a non open source os?

I have had android, and changed to iPhone 4, and my impression is that the apps for the iPhone is generally higher quality than the ones I tried for my android phone.

By higher quality I mean that they are running more stable, and isn't making the phone noticeably slower while running in the background, where the last was a really big problem for the phone.

But up to you how you look at it, I just don't see why it should be easier to make programs for, just because it is partly open source.
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I've written something very similar for my robot and android phone, but using bluetooth and a custom protocol I made up. And mine includes some sensors so you dont crash it.
The ui I've made is no where near as nice as that one but I'm still working on it  ;)
I was going to make a post about it in the near future  :)


Yep sure, Im very much interested in RC stuff :D


yeah I know iphone apps are much better. But yeah, I haven't used an android or an iphone extensively so I cant say anything, I was just making out from the fact that many people prefer android over iOS ( it doesnt' mean iphone)
anyways thanks. I do want the iP4 but it's not available in my country. Also the older versions are still too expensive. :(

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