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I have an arduino UNO and I want to connect it with a power analyzer. The ouput of the power analyzer is RS485 (modbus protocol). Especially the power analyzer is the Merlin Gerin PM9C.
I have the Modbus register list of the power analyzer and I want to read some of these registers.
Has anybody help me about the program?

Thank you in advance.


There is a MODBUS library available for arduino (in the archive section).  There is serial support but you would need read up on the comments because I believe that there is a short coming with the arduino serial library when used with MODBUS.  You should be able to use an RS232 to RS485 converter from B&B electronics.

If you search online there is software (trial/freeware) to test communication with the RTU as well.



The Free Modbus Scanner utility from http://www.chipkin.com/cas-modbus-scanner (Windows Only)
Works good for testing Modbus TCP and RTU.


Im having trouble sending modbus command over TCP from my arduino. Can anyone assist me please! I am not using the Modbus library but rather trying to send the bytes array as char's. I am new to Modbus and not sure how to trouble shoot. Thanks



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