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Hi to all,

Because of my robot project, I created a simple library for H bridges like the L293, you can get the library from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5218310/arduino/L29x.zip

This is my first Arduino library, if you have suggestions, please leave them in this topic. Thank you.

Luis Sismeiro

From the README.txt
Code: [Select]
L29x Arduino Library
This is a library to simplify the use of H bridges in you sketches. You
need to configure the Arduino pins that are connected to the H bridge
according to their functions.

For example we connect an L293 driving two motors to the Arduino Uno.
This are the pins used:

L293 ------------- Arduino
1,2EN ------------ 2
1A --------------- 3 (PWM)
2A --------------- 4
3,4EN ------------ 6 (PWM)
3A --------------- 7
4A --------------- 8

We start declaring the two motors:

L29x motorOne(3, 2, 4);
L29x motorTwo(6, 7, 8);

That's it for the setup part. Then we use the methods available:

stop() - 1,2A with zero, 1A and 2A LOW
rotPos(byte pwm) - 1,2A with PWM, 1A LOW and 2A HIGH
rotNeg(byte pwm) - 1,2A with PWM, 1A HIGH and 2A LOW

For example, to start the motors fast in one direction:


To stop both motors:


That's it, I hope you find this library useful in your own sketches.

20120114 Luis Sismeiro

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