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@ Grumpy, Was that you in that youtube video? Which one?  LOL.

No I'm not that young.  :)


But the worst shock I ever got was phone lines 90 volt DC why I didn't think it could shock me I don't know. But never agin.
Perhaps because it was a very non-standard phone line?

Telephone lines are 50 V DC.  (Ring current is 80 V and rather nasty.)


They bump up the voltage it was a main trunk of 10,000 pairs and the old terminal blocks not puch down like they use now the plant has 5,000 phone lines in it. I was turning on the office and their bank phones and you don't have much room I rub a block that the cover was off I thought it had killed me LOL..

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"Telephone lines are 50 V DC.  (Ring current is 80 V and rather nasty.)"

Did you mean to say "Ring current is 80 Amps and rather nasty."?

Wow, that's a lot of current.

Am I to picky?


No, ring voltage is about 80Vac in the USA and can give you quite a shock.

Don't ask how I know....
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A T1 span can have up to +-130 Volts of DC power superimposed on It. It will wake you up real fast.
So where all the phone lines of the plant I worked at some how had the same voltage of the 3 t1 lines. I guess I tested them. The guy who worked in the room run the servers and did daily backups said he would never go where I had to work I was uses to normal phone lines. I hooked my wire tracer in the office was trying to find it where the main trunk lines come in there's a wall with 10,000 lines on old lugs you use a nut driver not punch down. And it was hot the sweat on my hand and my side hit some that didn't have covers It's a shock you'll remember it hangs on to you LOL I thought It stopped my heart.
I later got to talk to the guy that handled the phones and t1 lines he said don't let it fool you these lines could kill you. I laughed I know I know it dang near did.   

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A T1 span can have up to +-130 Volts of DC power superimposed on It. It will wake you up real fast.

Yes, it is not just dc, but also ac superimposed on it. So ~80v ac, on top of ~48v dc, will not be what you may expect to feel.

I think we have drifted off topic. I am sorry. Does the OP have more questions?

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