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Hi guys,

i made 2 libraries for encryption with arduino environment. One is
AES-256 the other is RSA-512. Both are working fine with my Duemilanove
AES-256 Block crypt approx. 1ms/block
RSA-512 appr. 500ms enc and 20s decrypting / block.
If anyone is interested i can post the Libraries.

-- Gerd


Cool.  It might be worth joining forces with Peter Knight as he's produced Cryptosuite which covers some different encryption algorithms


Ive got implementations of IDEA and the MD5 checksum that could be modified for an 8bit processor pretty easily.  Cryptology has always interested me ever since I took a class on it at school.


Gerd M.: Tried to reply to your email, but it bounced. Please send a working email address so we can discuss integrating crypto libraries.


Very good :)

Are you using pre-computed tables for AES ? Are those in ROM (using PROGMEM) or RAM ?

You state 1ms for ECB. Do you have timing values for CFB ? Also, are you using plain "C" or already asm-optimized ?

I'd like to see generated ASM code for ECB operation, so to see if we can optimize it a bit more.



nice! where can i get the AES libraries?  how much space it takes?


Hey with those you can implement rolling block ciphers! Sweet!


I would be interess to have to librairie,
could you post them


Hey i am working on  an ecryption algorithm also.  I have the code too but I was looking for arduino type processors which would allow me to speed up the process since right now is pretty slow.  Do you know of any?
I would appreciate of any help.


I'm interested in those library as well if you still have them.

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