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Hello everyone,

My name is Arlan, i'm an engineer at Arcola Energy, a small engineering firm based in London, UK.

Here at Arcola we have spent the last few years using Arduino as a basis for designing hydrogen fuel cell systems and sticking them in anything we can get our hands on from toys and games to planes, trains and automobiles.

With this in mind we thought it was time to put something back by opening up our (proverbial) doors to the wider Arduino user community by bringing the first range of Hydrogen Fuel Cell control shield kits to the market, the H2MDK or "Hydrogen Maker-developer Kit".

For those who don't know what a fuel cell is -

With kits ranging from 1.5-30w we believe we have the perfect power solution for almost any Arduino-based project and have already been putting them to good use in a variety of ways, some of which you can see below -

Hydrogen powered RC boat

30w Fuel cell powered tesla coil

12v Battery Charger

Remote Sense Project

Hydrogen powered RC Truck

Hopefully you'll all find this as exciting as we do. We really look forward to seeing the different applications of this technology being thoroughly explored.

Any questions, comments, ideas or discussion topics you might have are always welcome and please do check out our website to find out more about what we get up to.

Arcola Energy Homepage & UK Sales

US Sales

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