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(Edit: I decided to rename the shield to avoid any trademark issue with the Arduino folks. It is now known as the TinyLoadr Shield)

I just got in the latest version of my ArduinoISP Deluxe Shield. I designed this shield to easily program microcontrollers using the ArduinoISP sketch and an Arduino. The latest version supports the following microcontrollers:

- ATtiny13
- ATtiny24/44/84
- ATtiny25/45/85
- ATtiny2313/4313
- ATmega168/328

And it should also work with any other microcontroller that is pin-compatible with one of those listed (like the ATtiny13, and ATmega8/48/88).

It's very easy to use and is really helpful if you like using bare AVR microcontrollers in your projects like I do. If you'd like to learn more about it, you can check out this blog post. If you'd like a shield for yourself, then I'm selling them over at Tindie.

Here are some pics of it (click for full res):

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