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Massimo mentioned how people got the jump on them with Leonardo. I think they are going to get the Due released and update their hardware information at nearly the same time so that no one makes clones before the original is on the market.

I completely understand and agree with these concerns.  However, none of that prevents them from taking a couple of minutes to link to the World Maker Faire's YouTube video of the "Arduino Hour" on the official Arduino blog. :P


Look, we need to accept that whatever they DO spend their time doing..

Listening to the average Arduino user or reading "Their" forum isn't it.

O so true.
I would add: Not even writing a blog entry ( on the release data of the due; without any technical specifications) for which they declined arduino community help stating they have a full time person assigned  ]:D

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Yes they now have a full-time community guy, he introduced himself on the developer's mailing list a few months ago and we've not heard from him since.

I would have thought the Due release and the huge delay would have been a prime example of where such a person is required, to pour a little oil on the rough waters and at least keep us as informed as possible.

I realise and agree with the (perceived) reasons we've not had any technical details, but the total vacuum on the PR front I don't understand. I've now spend a few $100 on LPC stuff and although I may get a Due and port what I've been doing I may not as well. OK no big loss I guess :) but how many people have wandered off to other platforms for the want of a few forum posts?

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they now have a full-time community guy, he introduced himself on the developer's mailing list a few months ago and we've not heard from him since.

Michael Shiloh.  Part time.  As of early July.  And I'd say he's been relatively active on the developer and teacher lists since then, mostly in the form of acknowledging suggestions on the developers list, and notably setting up the email list for Arduino "Issue" changes quite quickly after it was suggested.


Perhaps part-time isn't enough.  OTOH, I'd suspect that the Due was under a "cone of silence", and "Community Manager" doesn't give him "new product announcement" privileges.

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This post on Hack a Day has some more info about the Due:

Thanks for sharing!  That post has a link to a pdf with the basic specifications for the Due.


October 22nd is the last release date announced at the World Maker Faire in New York (9/29-9/30).  Price: $49.  Just when I thought Arduino would miss another commitment, I read it's been released according to "wired.com".  Can this be true?  "Wired.com" is a respectable site.  It doesn't make sense to hear it there rather than here.



It doesn't make sense to hear it there rather than here.

Yes it does, it is probbly an embargoed press release. The USA are still in bed at the moment. I am in the UK and I am still in bed. The wonders of retirement and an iPad.  :)


Several sites have been announcing "It's released" before the actual release.  Sloppy reporting, if you ask me, but I hope it means that the Due is really going to show up...

Adafruit says "it's not a coming soon product" (for them), which I find a bit troubling.  But then, they are all Rasberry Pi "traitors" lately, so perhaps they've fallen off the "preferred provider" list.



Well it's been the 22nd for 18 hours now...bugger I'm Australia, sometimes it's good to be ahead of the west, sometimes not :)

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When it does come out, I'm hoping to find a few people who can do an in-depth 3-way review between Arduino Due, Teensy 3.0 and Leaflabs Maple.  Anyone can do an "unboxing" or "new products" review with photos, specs and hype (but not actually running any real code).  Someone who can actually spend some time running real projects and 3rd party libraries on all 3 and write a detailed article is indeed rare.  Any ideas who I should ask?

Of course, so far I can't find any site that claims to have Due for retail sale.  Likewise for Maple, except for asian sellers on Ebay.


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I give two out of three a little mention here -


I plan on compiling and running some of the code from the rcarduino blog on the teensy over the next week just to confirm portability but nothing that I do really stretches an UNO never mind a Due or Teensy.

For stretching the hardware you should try DIY Drones, thats one area where the size of the teensy will be a major advantage.

EDIT: The main reason I am interested in the Teensy and Due is for audio where speed and 32 bits will have a big impact. The teensy looks interesting for the DSP instructions which may make software filters a possible addition to Arduino audio projects.

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