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Hi again,

for all german arduino-friends i wrote a little tutorial on my homepage.


@ bl4d3: because you don´t want direct links to your web app, i used only links to this site, to the android app and added a simple demo code. I hope its okay for you ;-)


I'll reply at you question ASAP thanks so much for the tutorial!
I made a quick video last night take a look


@Poldi have you in mind to create a sort of hardware for it? Try to explain better...i'm not good enough in electronics but if someone here it's can be a great idea


hey  @ll 8-)

I don´t have a special hardware in mind. What i mean is the ability to use any hardware you want, without the need of a special programming (arduino or android).
For this, we need some more data types and perhaps sliders and input-fields in the android-app. Then you can define a "analog-data-type" and control even the pwm-outputs of arduino by using the slider on your handy.
And when we could define a bar in the app (which goes from 0-100) it can get its values from any integer from arduino by mapping a sensor. Better: we can tell the data-range for the bar in the app.
Or: it is a text-field which shows var2 or int5 or so.

I hope you understand what i mean!?

Poldi  8-)

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