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I had seen a post somewhere before, but I am unable to relocate it.  I have a HP 5069-6325 9-in-one, 4 slot card reader.  It has a chip(Alcor Micro AU9368 http://www.datasheet4u.net/datasheet/A/U/9/AU9368_Alcor.pdf.html) but I am not sure which pin of the connector cable goes to what, nor can I decipher the datasheet to figure out which pins to even use for communicating, or what protocol it might be.

Much searching has provided very little on how to interface with this.  All I can find are these units for sale.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Looks like it's a USB device (USB_DM connects to D- and USB_DP connects to D+) so you would need a USB Host Shield or something similar to read it.

If you just want external storage you might be better served using an SD card directly.
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First, I'm new to this forum, so want to say hello to all.

I have been reserching this card reader and found the following info.  Thought I would post it here because this link came up real close to the top of the first search page in Google.  Thought it may help someone else out.


9 in 1 card reader ~ HP p/n 5069-6732 rev A-A26

I snaged my 9 in 1 card reader out of my hp a814x desktop to install in my new build. It is a standard USB connection into a mobo hub. The orignal USB cable or any standard USB cable will work. Your 9 in 1 card reader will get interpreted by Win XP as several USB external drives which use a generic windows driver. Xp should recognise it and auto install the default USB drivers. You will get a new USB device installed on the "Safely Remove Hardware"  icon in your sys tray related to this USB mass storage device. As far as the functionality of the reader goes, it works fine.


As for Win7, I'm about to find out if it shows up and functions ok (I imagine it will, if not I'll be back to add a note to this post.

Hope this helps someone use some older hardware and save a few bucks.  ;)

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