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For a school assignment (course; Mechatronics) we had to design a machine that interacted with it's user. Our team made a ThumbWrestling machine ...  8-)


Other projects can be found here:


Ok - I love the concept, and the overall execution is cool (love the fighting ring!)...

But are you just mimicing the moves of the player, or are you (or will you) give the Arduino component some intelligence? It would be kinda neat to see it learn moves that you make, as well as perhaps have a different style or "personality" for each of the "thumb covers" you made.

How about adding a third servo, driving a cable to the thumb to allow it to bend (there are various tutorials out there on how to make a robotic "humanoid" hand - using split tubing or chain link for the fingers). This would allow a third level of movement, closer to how a human thumb can move.

Maybe you could add some LED "eyes" for the opponent for more personality. I could really see the possibility of something like this as a fun toy for the kid in all of us...

/then again, I'm a geek...  ::)
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I like the idea very much and the use of flex sensors is pretty cool. I agree with crOsh that it can be a toy for kids or even in a pub.

I assume you are dutch speaking students?
(in dutch): plezante 'uitvinding' zou ik nog eens zegge. Nadat ik de namen zag dacht ik meteen dat jullie ook GroepT studenten waren maar blijkbaar niet  :). Als ik dat hier zie dan heb ik spijt dat ik ons project voor school niet gepost heb!


Pretty cool with the flex sensors - not something that I'd ever think of making (or want for that matter!) but the implementation of the sensors and servo is nicely done.



Very nicely done! Love the flex sensor idea. I do think cr0sh has got a point to work some intelligence into it to give it a boost. Nice job!

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