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WilliamK Govinda

Wusik Drum Machine (Hardware Arduino Project)

Dear Users, this is a special side-project that I - WilliamK - am working on. Please, visit the following link for a special YouTube feature video, or use the other link below. (what in 480p)



We kindly ask users to help us out with this project, as its a small project that we always wanted to do. The time-frame is short so once its done we will continue working on Wusik Station. But we also want to work on some other Arduino and XMOS based projects. Still, it all depends on the amount of support we can get from the community. So, be sure to visit the page above for more details.


Cheers, WilliamK and MoniKe @ Wusik Dot Com


I've been working on something similar but your way ahead of me. Very cool. Nice work!


Very nice! Where did you get the LED Push Buttons, I'd love to get some!

WilliamK Govinda

Thanks guys.

Here's the button-led I'm using. But to be honest, using regular buttons and separated leds are much cheaper.


WilliamK Govinda

Oh, and those look like fun too!!!


WilliamK Govinda

BTW: tomorrow I will try to post another video of Beta 2 phase. Now the LEDs blink when playing, like most retro DM did. (TR707, 808 and 909) Also, I fixed some problems with the multi-buttons (Up/Down/...) as seen on the video. ;-) I also managed the thing to use less RAM, so, maybe I will introduce some more features to it, as there's just near 1K of RAM used.  :o


WilliamK Govinda

Here's the new video:



WilliamK Govinda

And here's the latest video of the new 32 x 1/32 Steps mode. (or 1/64)



Still using less than 1K of RAM.
Cheers, WilliamK and MoniKe

WilliamK Govinda

Here's yet another video: Song Mode (RC)




Real wusik =)))

Accents track and grid switching is cool. Shift button is not.


WilliamK Govinda

Dude, thanks, but you are comparing grapes with oranges here. That other project is HUGE, and I bet its 10x the cost of our project. ;-) (I see 16 rotary encoders, those are NOT CHEAP!!!)

And why you didn't like the Shift button? Its very easy to use. In any event, a future update could include a way to add all options as single buttons, but for now, we are trying to keep this as cheap as possible.


WilliamK Govinda

Guys, all the software is done, and also the specs for V1, which is very cheap to build. I haven't got time to build a shield for this, as it is a lot of work, but depending on what people need we may do a single shield for V1.

Now, for V2 it uses several other parts and requires little to no soldering at all.

Lets talk more about this, so we know what people want and can keep working on this, slowly, but steady. ;-)

Best Regards, WilliamK

WilliamK Govinda

Jan 15, 2011, 05:00 pm Last Edit: Jan 15, 2011, 05:00 pm by WilliamK Reason: 1
Dear User, we just uploaded new files for the Wusik Arduino Drum Machine project.

Also, we will not email users for a while, instead, lets talk in this Arduino Forum Thread.

The file WDMachine 16 Steps LEDs and Buttons.fz now has everything to add the leds and buttons to the project.

BTW: We used the following buttons+leds combo:


But as you can see from the schematics, you can also use regular buttons and leds. (cheaper)

There will be a V2 of the project which uses other solutions, but are more expensive, so you can either wait or go with the solution for now. (which works great)

We will release a new video soon, with some talks about this project, but for now, please, use the forum post link above so we can discuss things better.

Best Regards, WilliamK

WilliamK Govinda

And here's the new video, just a quick explanation of the breadboard.



WilliamK Govinda

V1.0.1 Uploaded - cleaned the code up and added a Readme.txt file with basic information.


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