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WilliamK Govinda

BTW: we could do a complete shield option for V1, but it would depend on how many people would actually want it. ;-)

The shield would be just like the youtube videos, using those fancy button+led from eBay that I posted before.

So its like this:

Navigation buttons
16 buttons+LEDs
Midi Out
Extra EEPROM (2 chips for 120Kb)

Of course, the shield wouldn't be stackable, and it would be larger than a regular Uno/2009 board. But still, you would just plug the board and its ready to go. (after you solder everything up, of course)

Just wondering if people would want something like that...



just registered, and just bought the project today.
i can't get started right now, i have to order my arduino first, and some other components. as this is my very first arduino related project i'm sure i'll have some stupid questions....
but first i'll have to make the schematics a little easier to read in fritzing and sort out what questions i can answer by myself  :)

btw what do you mean with the shield you'd like to produce, would that be sth like a pcb that has everything on it, so one wouldn't need the arduino board and the sparkfun midi board?
cool project so far!

WilliamK Govinda

Thanks for supporting out work. <hug>

Any question, feel free to ask, and there are no stupid questions, only shy. ;-)

The shield would go on top of the arduino, so you would still need the arduino board. ;-) But its a lot of work to do the shield, so unless more people ask for this, I wouldn't do it...


WilliamK Govinda

Some great news, I just added 2 tracks of step-note sequencing, called S1 and S2 (as Step or Synth) There's Note-Off and Slide too for each step.  8-) The patter size did increase, so using the internal At328 EEPROM won't do much, but on my Mega I get more than 10 patterns. Still, with the extra EEPROM you will get much more space. ;-)

I will upload the new code once its totally done and bug-free, and also do a new video.


WilliamK Govinda

For Version 1.0.4 we added 2 Step-Note Tracks for Bass and Synth lines. This is a short demonstration of 2 patterns playing both Drums and 2 Synth Lines.


Those two new tracks, S1 and S2, have Note Selection per Step, Note-Off and Slide.


I will upload the new file tomorrow or later this weekend.

Best Regards, WilliamK

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