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Hello then show you a robot which is controlled by visual basic
through a wifi network with WINSOC.

The project is a Visual Basic 6.0 application I can connect the
Arduino wifi module to a home wireless network, I can control with visual
my robot to see what else I can catch the robot sensors, in
this case an accelerometer but you can view data
sharp sensors.
The interface is very simple to have an EditText IP address, a
for the port and the switching on and off button.
Tex in the edit that says "Put Mouse Pointer Here" puts the pointer
mouse and arrow keys can now control your robot if
want self, there is a corresponding button for this and the other for
return it to the control mode.

Hope you like it

Thanks.   :)  :)  :)


for codes of the project:



Nice project .. in English and Spanish - how thoughtful.

Could you tell me what wifi module you are using?



wif module I use is this:



Thank you very much for the link.  None available at this time.




Thanks for exact link - that is what I was looking at.  But at this time it says none are available to purchase at bottom of page.  


this is another:



Thanks for taking the time to do a search.  

I have been looking at various versions of these and was looking to get the exact match that goes with that code.  

I decided for this project to go wired and will look to experiment with wireless at a later date.

Nice project - thanks for sharing.

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