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Here are forced to miniature size of the device alleged to be a built-in cable box was SunDuino Mini - which works with microcontrollers M8 / 48 / 88 / 168 / 328 /
and so in August presents this wicked design you can use it in addition to the contact plates (breadboard). Greetings to all ..


picture of the eagle pcb plate:

http:// http://www.sunriver.psp29.opole.pl/up/SunDuinoM1-beta.rar


Looks nice.
Does it have auto reset?

(Did you google translate you message? )


yes autoreset working on this PCB

yes goole translated , my england is wery little ...

ftdi cable with autoreset circuit :


The auto reset cable is very clever! Saves some space and components.


im used this FTDI module :

but the auto reset on my cable works well, and AVR CDC USB-USART
firmware and driver :
My PCB for M8 CDC
This video show working with autoreset cable for my Sunduino
sorry video from phone and Atmega 168 wery slow bootloader



now I use the m168 bootloader no-wait by http://www.ladyada.net/library/arduino/bootloader.html

and Microchip MCP2200

properly releasing the bootloader before and after uploading firmware

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