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I made a cyclocomputer to track bicycle speed/distance, using the LilyPad Arduino. More photos, a video, and code. It stores a histogram of speed values which I can offload over serial (for example, to graph in R); and has two trip meters which can be reported in Morse while riding.


Neat idea.  I like this, but what about it getting wet?



I'm not sure how it would fare in the rain; presumably it would short. The LilyPad folks say they wash their e-textile projects, but that's when they're off and the battery is out. I could conccivably make a plastic sleeve that would fit over it, though I think really the answer is to not use this model in the rain. (I did ride with it on wet streets without a problem, but the wheels weren't kicking up much water.)


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I have a question:
On your website you mention taking the ringer from an old cordless phone. Would this make it a dead ringer ?  :D

Also: great project, luv the arty look.
If it exists, hack it.
If it doesn't, create it.



Although this project didn't capitalize on the sew-into-clothing aspect of the LilyPad, I am pleased by the look, and I'm better versed in constructing something to attach to a bike out of cloth than (say) perfboard. Thanks!


I never understood the lillypad - but I really like your craftsmanship!


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I never understood the lillypad -

Me either. I think it's a artist thing, thinking outside the box kind of product.  ;)


but I really like your craftsmanship!


I never understood the lillypad

I don't think this is the greatest use of it, but things like Leah Buechley's turn-signal jacket do seem to benefit from sewable components (including the main board). I'm still trying to come up with a properly e-textile oriented project; my current thought is a fuel guage for the water reservoir in my backpacking pack.

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