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Can you make the analog gauge code available?



Nov 29, 2010, 03:56 pm Last Edit: Nov 30, 2010, 12:03 am by Andy123 Reason: 1
I am sure DOGXL160 can be used with libraries after some modifications in 4-wire 8 bit SPI mode and possibly in 2 wire SPI 8 bit mode - Unfortunately I don't have this LCD to try.
If someone wants to donate LCD then I can try to get it going.

Probably should ask library developer Oliver Kraus if he is planning to add DOGXL160 in a near future.

Also each pixel uses 2 bits instead of 1 that will change SPI routine also.


This shield is nice,
quick questions.
- are the input buttons multiplexed? How many pins do those use?
- is this shield still available?


Inputs are not multiplexed, not too much you can save with 4 buttons by multiplexing them. See schematics above.

Yes, I still have few for sale - details are in PM.


Dec 04, 2010, 02:44 pm Last Edit: Dec 04, 2010, 08:34 pm by Andy123 Reason: 1
We got working LCD Shield / Ethernet Shield combo:
- Hardware clearance issue resolved with double headers as described few posts above
- New libraries v 1.07 released to accomodate selectable CS pin number (D10 by default) - we are still tweaking minor issue found last night
- We can supply a modified LCD Shield with CS  on pin D8 or D7 per request, but as a standard we still ship CS on D10
- We got wiorking demo UdpNtpClient and UDPSendReceiveString - I will post code changes soon, see pictures below
- We can make an additional change per request moving one pushbutton from D4 to D0 (or some other pin) so SD card can be used also.


Just joined and seems I cant PM someone without having made at least one post. Would like to try out this shield.


Dec 12, 2010, 04:44 pm Last Edit: Dec 12, 2010, 04:58 pm by Andy123 Reason: 1
I was looking for a way to handle pushbuttons with less inputs
Currently it uses 4 digital pins  D2-D5 - one per each button

I made a prototype that returns pushbutton state via SPI with every LCD SPI write that will allow D2-D5 pins to be used for something else.
It will require a simple code modification.

Unfortunately current PCBs I have can't accomodate an additional small SPI controller, but we may implement it in future hardware designs.


For people who were asking about SPI keypad described above:
At this point I am not planning to make it in a near future because of cost associated with PCB manufacturing

But I am working to prepare information with "how to" if you want to do it yourself.


There is a new version of the Arduino Library for the DOGS102 available:


The new software library has optional speed improvements for the DOGS102 and also supports the DOGXL160 now.



Jan 22, 2011, 03:03 pm Last Edit: Mar 06, 2011, 01:25 am by Andy123 Reason: 1
Update on compatablity with Ethernet shield:
After extensive testing we found that there is a simple way to make this shield compatible with Ethernet based shield:
1. To provide clearance with Ethernet connector we found tall pin headers that allow to stay 1-2mm above ethernet connector
2. CS pin D10 can be simply moved to D8 with a little solid jumper
3. Pin D4 that used by a button and needed for SD card can be moved to D7 with a solid jumper

We tested LCD/keypad in this configuaration with Ethernet+SD tutorial form ladyada and it works great: for the test we redirected some serial port traffic to LCD.

Edit 3/5/2011: Modified shields for Ethernet/SD caompatablity are available!
Few un-modifed shields are still available - they are great is you don't need Ethernet combo.

Oliver and I also added future functionality that allows keypad data to be sent via SPI back to the Arduino

This future design will use onboard ATTINY261 for flexibility and allow A0 / CS selection from available 4 pins: D7-D10.

I am goning to publish hardware and the code, but it requires a new PCB that we did not make yet, may be some time in a future.

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