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Great stuff, looks like good fun.


Very cool!
Can it use with 51 button right hand chromatic accordion?


Yes, with some changes in code to read more bytes from right hand. (right now 41 fits in 6 bytes:  5bytes + one bit, you will need to use one more byte)


Great project, I liked reading how you did it.
"Roland, you've lost one customer ;)"
Getting pretty much the same as a very expensive accordion must feel good.

As drummer I have no idea what a second hand accordion normally would cost, weren't you afraid of completely ruining it ?


I'm not, as you saw i've used very old one just from the shed.
With some care you can add midi functionality to working one, but it may look little crazy with live accordion sound + piano or whatever comes from computer. It's not an issue if you play in a band and sit close to drummer on stage like i am ;)

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