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Arduino, Bluetooth, PD, and Windows Scripting in Python


Ok, here's a small project to control FLStudio (or any other Windows app) using a button_box - wireless Arduino button.

I've used it for live shows as a way to play sequenced music while hiding the laptop and it makes things run much more smoothly.

The box also runs relays for electroluminescent ropes on my jump suit, but I just can't fit the relay module inside the current plastic case :P

I hope this is useful, just though I'd give back to the community.  Keep the Arduino magic rolling!


This is fantastic! It's so true that your stage presence and the momentum of the mood are key to your performance. I really dig the huge play arrow, just makes me want to hit it!  :)


hehe yes the play button is nice to press, I'm glad I got a membrane button as the tactile feedback is much better.  You can really feel it clicking and its sealed so when you sweat all over it, it dosen't short on ya.


Also, here's a video of a performance using the button_box.  The heavy sine wave at the beginning is the loading tone and you can see me press it.  It's easy and dosen't slow down the action ... it's also cheaper then having an extra person to work the computer :D  That bright red light is the button_box velcro-ed to my chest.

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