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Its in a box so it must be finished.

I have put together my outdoor station:


With my indoor station:


Both circuits and programs have been modified.

A 4 digit display cycles through the 11 separate measurements.


All the measurements are stored on a sd card.


A visual basic program provides a complete long term display.

The program is workable but it has a few bugs.
I have been working on it for a long time now and I need
a break so will leave it as is.

There have been changes to most of the circuits and code.

The updated circuits, sketches and library's are in weatherstation.zip from:



Very cool! Have you thought of perhaps making one big write up for it? It'd be easier to understand how you built all the pieces and made them all work together in a more organized way then browsing through all those forum posts.

Keep up the good work and keep us updated!


Thanks Limb.

I know its all a bit messy.
And now sourceforge does not have file descriptions - makes it worse.

I have been on this project exclusively for a year, so I need a break.

It may be some time until I pull it altogether.


very nice project, also is working on something similar with the use of sensor SENSIRION SHT21, who ordered a sample and came recently

Here is the datasheet:


if you wanted to write to him, I have a library for the Arduino and an example of reading and the PCB.




I almost went for the SHT21 when I found it on special at an
online store.

It's really a more professsional way to go.



WOW!  :D That is so cool! I want to make one now...the VB is gonna be a mountain for me though...did basic VB during my studies just cause I needed an extra point to graduate  :-[ shame on me. But VB was fun at the time...rather the possibilities of writing little applications was fun.
"The really amazing thing is how many people are successful with their Arduino projects considering the fact that so many of them do not have a technical background.  A lot of them seem to try, and succeed with, projects that no sane engineer would even attempt." - floresta commenting on the proper use of LCD displays


I am also interested in building a weather station.
Unfortunately, your presentation is hard to read as already noticed by the first replier.


I'm afraid it is a bit messy.

This is because I posted each stage as it was completed.

To rewrite the whole thing as step by step construction manual would be
to much work for me.

Time is limited and I have another project on the go.

I really good weather station construction manual is:

"Weather Toys"  by Tim Bitson.

I have this book and it is very easy to follow.

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