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Here's the latest versions of my board.  I would love to make these SMD at some time but I'm a newbie at this stuff so it will have to wait.  Also these boards are to fulfill a specific need, which is strictly CAN only at the moment.

I now have two boards.  A single and a double.  The single is shrunk down in size a little and has protection for taking power from the bus.  It still has a switchable CS pin.

The double allows you to split a CAN bus.  It has two separate CAN circuits, CAN 1 uses D10 and CAN 2 uses D9 as CS.  You can use either of the CAN circuits individually, or together either with separate cables or a single cable plugged in to CAN 1. (Providing it's correctly configured of course!)


That looks very nice. Are you going to be selling them?


That looks very nice. Are you going to be selling them?

Thanks!  I haven't decided on whether to sell them or not.  There are a few CAN implementations on the market already.  Not sure if I could be profitable selling these.


Yeah, that's pretty much what I was checkin on, was to see if you were doing this for a better price than the current market options. :)


I am working on a project to read can data from a ECU. I use an arduino uno & sparkfun CAN bus shield.
I have a problem of

error: expected unqualified-id before '.',

Do you know a solution to this ?

Thank you


Usually a typo in the code somewhere.  If you post yours, we can help you find it.
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